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Constant Deposits and No Withdrawals

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Listening to what sounds like crickets and birds singing in a melodious tune. The fresh breeze is coming through the open window. It’s morning!
Im sitting in my sunroom, staring out the window. There’s a small building containing what appears to be 5 garages, 4 walk in storage rooms across the lot. The storage facilities are available to the renters for a fee every month.
The bad thing about renting extra storage space is you forget what you have in the storage room. Not only do you forget about the stored items but you unconsciously come to a place where you function without those things. You realize you don’t even need them, but you continue to pay the money anyway to have the security of knowing that there is a place to put your “extra stuff”
If you never visit the storage except to “add” more stuff there was no value in having a storage facility.
The same goes if you continue to deposit into your life but never make any withdrawals you will just become an overstuffed storage.
Nobody is benefiting from all those “deposits” because you’re not making any withdrawals.
You find yourself hiring coach after coach, going to conference, seminars and workshops only to hog more information.
“When do you stop learning and start doing and be?
If you are a knowledge hog like I am, it’s important to not only store information, tools and skills but you have to constantly make withdrawals.
It’s vital to give to others that valuable insight you have gained.
“Constant deposits, demand constant withdrawals”
Starting this September I will be bringing you brand-new content via video. I want to teach you how to uncover the treasure chest and the keys to unlock uncommon, valuable, insight that you  (yes you) possess.
These valuable tools will put you in a position to change your life and the lives of others.
Stay tuned!

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