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 leadership, coaching, brandingThe Physical as well as the spiritual benefits of fasting are numerous. In essence, fasting is considered and is actually the act of self willingly abstinence from partaking food or drink for a certain period of time. An absolute fast is usually defined as completely staying away from all food and liquid for a certain period of time. This period lasts either a single day or several days at times. Other forms of fasts include partially restrictive fasts where you limit your self certain foods or substances. A fast can also be intermittent in nature. Fasting practices also prevent sexual intercourse as well as other activities including the partaking of food. When it comes to the physiological context, fasting also refers to: The metabolic status of a person who has not partaken anything overnight The metabolic state that is reached upon completion of digestion and the absorption of a meal Numerous metabolic adjustments that occur during fasting not forgetting other diagnostic tests that are used in the determination of a fasting state, a person is assumed to be fasting after they have reached 8-12 hours.

The Metabolic changes that are perceived toward the fasting state begin after the absorption of a meal that is between 3-5 hours after the partaking of a meal. A post absorptive state is identical to this usage which is in contrast to the “post-prandial” state of on-going digestion. The other form of fasting is referred to as a diagnostic fast that means a prolonged fasting that ranges between 8-72 hours and is usually dependent on age. This kind of fasting is conducted under the observation for investigation of a certain problem which is usually hypoglycaemia. Medical practitioners who prescribe extended fasting do this because fasting is considered to be therapy for certain conditions. This form of extension exists in plenty of cultures all through history from the very ancient times to these modern times that we are living in.

Fasting Spiritual Effects

Fasting is heavily discussed in the biblical book of Isaiah, chapter 58:6-7, in this chapter the nation of Israel gets rebuked about their fasting pattern. Its here we see the significance of fasting and its effects on your spiritual attributes. A person who fasts and goes for hours without partaking any food and uses this time to seek a higher being to get the spiritual nourishment that will take away the emptiness that one may be going through. This period of fasting is considered to be very holy.

If you are going through some problems and you need to clear your head in order to get things straight, you need to consider fasting sessions that you can enforce yourself or better yet join a coaching program where you together with the support of others will join together and go on a fasting session supporting each other. NB: For prayerful people, fasting is considered a great way of feeding your soul in preparation of a spiritual warfare. Fasting is also considered as a bridge of communication between a human being and the Holy Spirit, the people who fast receive a certain calmness and self centeredness that helps them get their emotions and thoughts back on track!

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