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Exposing “Fear Of Success”

Exposing “Fear Of Success”

Thinking about how I would encourage you this week, I thought about my own life. How I once allowed FEAR to control me for many years.

The reason you stop at a certain point and never progress is usually rooted in Fear. Fear is a very powerful emotion that will paralyze you, if you allow it to. Fear will hold you in a pattern that is not easily shaken off. You will miss opportunities, that may never present it’s self again.

I noticed some years ago I purposely began to turn down speaking engagements. I would busy myself with something else so that I could honestly say I had an engagement that day.

I realized that fear was driving business away, people wanted to interview me, I would not make myself available. I internalized and never took time to analyze my behavior in this area. The common thread of non progression showed up ever year, I wondered why. I was self SABOTAGING!

I now know I was afraid of my own progress. I was afraid of success. The reason I am sharing this with you, there are millions of people, living with the FEAR of SUCCESS.

Nobody can keep you from success, but you. You stand in your own way. Refusing to face your fears is a disservice and a tragedy. You will never be totally fulfilled if you do not become the person that God created you to be from the very beginning of time. You were not an accident or an after thought. You are predestined for greatness. Yes, YOU!

You are required to use the gifts that the Lord has empowered and entrusted us with. You are responsible for being a good steward over those gifts.

Many of our fears are tissue-paper-thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them.  ~Brendan Francis

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Transformation occurs, after you have changed your mind”

Sandra James
Spiritual Stylist|Leadership Development| Singles Strategist