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Why Learning The Lesson Will Change Your Life

  Why Learning The Lesson Will Change Your Life


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Have you ever been in a place where others seemed to have an unfair advantage over you? Did it make you feel sorry for yourself, or become angry? I used to believe if a woman had a husband,  she was able to accomplish more than I could…as a Single Mother. I thought if someone made more money than I, that gave them an unfair advantage to make things happen.

My dear these myths are so untrue and until you change your mind about the way you think you will not progress in life. You will have a bit of success, but not Gods best.

Blaming others for your misfortunes, subscribing to the erroneous thinking – people owe you…will leave you in a perpetual cycle of lack. If you have decided to hate other women, constantly complain, allow roots of bitterness to grow in your heart you will squeeze out opportunities for growth.

You and I both have the same opportunities to be a GREAT leader. It is up to you what you will do with the hand you have been given.

If you want to see a change in your life and in your mindset here are a few keys that will make your journey easier, faster and more enjoyable.

  • Ask God to correct your Attitude, (out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks) your intention may not be to come off as a wet blanket, a dream killer, a dream stealer, or a hot ash spewer but that’s what others will perceive you as if your attitude stinks.


  • Find out how you can Help others while they are experiencing a rough patch in their life. In some cases, you can help with money, it may be time, a shoulder to cry on, a visit, etc. Once you reach out to help someone else, your trial will seem a lot less significant.


  • Take on a heart of Gratitude, begin to think about all the things that you’re grateful for. Make a gratitude list. Look at the list and speak each item with your lips out loud. Do this consistently until you actually start believing what you’re saying. This 1 key alone will change your life.

  • Become a giver and Give. I remember not having anything to give but food stamps, my jewelry etc. I knew if I would just continue to give, one day I would have a testimony about the POWER of giving.  I wanted to break the cycle of poverty SO bad in my life, I was ready to give it all. So I know this formula works.


There is a lesson to be learned in every trial or test you go through.  You may not understand what is going on in your life right now, but embrace with the process. Go to God and ask “what is the lesson, I am suppose to learn from this situation”

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