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My Favorite Juice Fast Recipes

Favorite Recipes

I will add to this list often. I love fresh juicing and experiment alot. If you have some favorite you will like me to list here, please send them to along with your name and website.


Green Apple Goodness

Collard greens – 1/2 bag

Romaine Lettuce -1 heart

Lemon – 1

Yellow Apples – 5

 It will taste like sweet green apples and give you energy.

Sandra’s Orange Juice

5 – Oranges

2 carrots

1 Lemon (gives it a tang and also preserves the flavor)

Sweet Orange

8 Carrots

2 Stalks of Celery

1 Romaine Lettuce Heart

2 Apples (I prefer yellow)

Sweet n Spicy

1/2 Cabbage head

1 lb – Grapes (red)