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Negative Mind Set

Negative Mind-set

A negative mind set is always attributed to a high portion of everyday thinking of negative thoughts. A huge part of the stress in our lives is basically caused by the negative chatter that goes on constantly in our minds. 

Negative emotions such as fear is caused by the impending danger or pain either real or imagined, fear is at times caused by our desire to avoid any kind of pain that can either be emotional, physical and at times financial. 

A negative mind-set also feeds the into self pity which is an emotion all centred on feeling sorry for yourself about your perceived suffering and misfortune. This is the reaction we get towards a negative circumstance or at times action that makes us feel injured. 

A negative mind-set causes us to have envy, which is a feeling of discontent that arises as a result of other’s success as well as good fortune. When we see others doing fairly well and immediately we feel pity on ourselves  because do not posses the same level of success as the people we are envying.

A negative mind-set causes one to have jealousy which is the feeling one gets of losing a partner or possession of another. Jealousy comes from our own in bred insecurities and also lack of trust in others.

A negative mind-set makes one acquire feelings of inferiority. This feeling causes a perception where a person feels less worthy and less capable than others. This feeling causes you to lack self confidence and the unwillingness to become winner. This then leads to a lower level of achievement in life.

A negative mind-set causes one to be angry. Anger is a feeling that causes one to under go severe displeasure and even extreme annoyance that gets prompted by our very own perception about people at times circumstances and also events that we all experience in life.

A negative mind-set that causes anger makes us pass judgement on something that is happening or passing judgement on a certain person.

A negative mind-set causes negative emotions that not only makes you unhappy but they are capable of poisoning relationships, they influence you to not to give the next person a fair chance.

A negative mind-set is usually caused by factors that include: Justification, Rationalisation, blame and excuses.


This is when one reaches a point where they get to justify their negative emotions. At this juncture somebody feels that they are direly entitled to become negative as a result of the happenings.

At this point, your negative mind-set makes one take up the victim role.