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Negotiation Day


 “Negotiation Day”

Written By: Sandra James
Audio Version Below

It’s negotiation day here in the Paulding County Courthouse: James versus James. Where am I, what am I doing here?

I never expected to be sitting here at the other end of this massive, dark mahogany conference table. Sigh there are so many chairs at this table I don’t even feel like counting them.

My mind, body, even my soul is tired. I think I’m having one of those out of body experiences. At this point nothing really matters…

You know the feeling when you are last to be chosen, Violently separated into pieces and then scattered to the birds to get their fill?

Hmmm I wonder if people will notice the “divorced” stamp on my forehead when all of this is over.

This man’s tie is really pretty, looks expensive. The longer I stare at my lawyers tie I feel my strength and my focus going out of the window.

How did I get here? What could I have done better, how will I survive? Who would help me raise my children? I can’t do it; maybe I can, I don’t know.

Bombarded with a myriad of questions this is the day that completely changed my life.

I’ve spent the last 17 years unraveling that big ball of pain, self defeat, brokenness, betrayal, depression, and feelings of total inferiority.

Buried beneath the rubble and the ruin of an unfulfilled existence lay a treasure chest of potential and a fulfilled life.

I knew it existed but I didn’t have the key to unlock the rusted chest. I didn’t even have the strength to knock the dirt off.

I had to begin to pick up the pieces of my broken life, I realized at that moment I had no skill to accomplish this.

Everything is a series of skills, creating a new life is a series of skills.

As God ordered my steps I began to learn skills to redesign my life. Each skill, I learned by faith. Everyday putting one foot in front of the other. I now teach women of faith how to live The Skillful Life.

No matter what you are confronted with in LIFE, you need SKILLS to navigate the course.

“I dream you will skillfully dance your way to that life you desire.”

Sandra James


 Listen To the Audio Version Here