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Raw Food Fast For Christians E-book


 There is something very important to keep in mind, if you have disease or illnesses; A Raw Food Fast alone is not going to cure you. You have to do a complete lifestyle change. Spiritual health along with a raw food lifestyle is vital to your healing process. You have to take the WHOLE body into consideration when trying to heal it, from years of abuse (processed foods, drugs, alcohol, sexual misuse,unforgiveness,anger) There are natural laws that are still in place, that must be followed. You can’t eat everything that appeals to your lust, hoping for abundant health. You can’t allow anything and everything into your spirit, hoping for a conducive atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to dwell. Learning to bring the whole body into subjection is a process, that takes                                                                                 time. You will never look at fasting the same.

Powerful Revelation, Wisdom Keys and HER story all right here!

Book Excerpt -Unresolved anger is like poison to the blood system… Thinking you can suppress it and keep it moving is like allowing a fire to stay in your bathroom, hoping it does not burn the rest of the house down. Not only will he find its way to other areas of the house but it will end up consuming the whole house and possibly your neighbors house as well. Anger will show its head when you least expect.