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Rebuild Your Brand 1:1 Session

Rebuild Your Brand 1:1 Session: How to Take Yourself From STUCK To Success


Hey Pretty Lady!

Are you ready to strategically position yourself to attract a better quality man or a successful career?

Do you want to leave a beautiful and memorable online footprint?

Your Brand is like a footprint, you are leaving indelible tracts everywhere you go. How do you want to show up? When Mr. Right googles you, what will he find? What will a potential client or employer find?

 We will work together on your personal or professional rebrand.
Whether you’re looking to stand out at work or stand out online in your own business, I can help you rebrand yourself to success.

The Rebuild Your Brand Session

This 90 minute session is dream come true for the busy Successful Woman that needs a DO OVER and a fast one at that! 

Revamping how you show up online, you fully transition into your new role as Mrs. Right

Rebranding your personal style to how you present yourself in the world. You’ll discover how to leave a lasting impression that leaves YOUR TRIBE wanting more.

Give me 90 Minutes and I will show YOU how to “show up” and own your Brand


In this Rebranding Session we’ll:

    • Analyze how you show up on your website, social media, in your photos, posts, comments, and shares, and discuss ideas on how to improve them so your brand will stand out amongst the online noise. Includes a branded Facebook banner for your Social Media Fan Page.
    •  Structure a 30 Day Campaign to increase your online visibility to help establish you   as a leader in your field.
    •  Discover your brand essence and how to align with who you are as a woman
    •  Cultivate your brand language, to attract your tribe
    •  Simple steps to increase your Online Visibility immediately
    •  Increase your like, know and trust factor

I am Sandra James your personal SingleLife Strategist™; I am here to help you achieve the best results possible.

I know all too well what it means to be a divorced mother and having to rebuild and rebrand myself from the ground up. What took me years to accomplish, I have worked very hard to break the process down into a step by step 90 min Rebrand Session that will keep you from making the same mistakes I made.

 Having worked and obtained a certain level of success, I love helping women like you, step into a more powerful space and embody the Successful Leadership role you were created for.

If you want to secure your “Rebuild Your Brand” Session

Purchase your Session Here for $197.00 
Value $400.00 (click the below)