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Sandra helps Single Women of Faith with the desire to be married, develop healthy habits to eliminate destructive patterns, magnify self-love, and manifest a more fulfilled purposeful life. She knows firsthand how purpose, passion and a plan can enhance the quality of life for any woman that wants a brand new start.

Sandra firmly believes The God of the Universe has given each person a purpose in life and it is their responsibility to discover and live out that predestined purpose.

No matter what you are confronted with in LIFE, you need SKILLS to navigate the course. To live a purposeful life, you have to do it very intentionally. Sandra has an innate ability to get to the source of the issue and help you navigate the course in a loving and affirming way.

Programs and Topics I enjoy teaching:

Signature Talks:

Purpose, Passion & the Cookie

Learn the 3 secrets to the “attraction factor” so Mr. Right can find you

There are essential ingredients to attract the caliber of man that you deserve. Sandra shares how to position yourself so Mr. Right can find you in the midst of a room full of women. Learn how celibacy can be your biggest attribute. Get practical techniques you can start applying today to attract the man of your destiny.

The Fear Factor

Recognize fear and isolate it before it paralyzes your progress.

As a leader, there are times fear will try to paralyze you. You must continue to develop your personal life so you can achieve your highest potential. To be successful in business you will be required to face fear head-on. Get the tools and strategies to overcome fear and do “it” afraid. Win in your personal life and your business.

The Iron Panty Syndrome

Discover how you could be blocking love from finding you.

We were created to love and be loved. The ability to love again after trauma, abuse or divorce takes skill that must be applied in a deliberate manner. In some cases the door to the heart has been slammed shut for years with cement glue around the edges for protection. Get the tools you need to open the door of your heart. Sandra wants to show you how to love big and be loved even bigger.


Signature Coaching Programs

Attraction Factor – Group Program

How To Become Mrs Right

How Do I Discover My Purpose

Rebuild Your brand 1:1 Session


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As The SingleLife Strategist™ for Women, Sandra James is a business woman, transformational coach, fasting motivator, ordained minister, and author of The Ultimate Guide to Chastity.

Sandra is on a mission to help Single Women of Faith stop settling for mediocrity in love and life.  I want to show you how to cultivate the skills and behaviors of Mrs. Right so they can manifest Mr. Right.
































Many of you are wondering about the rebranding that has taken place.
I am returning with brand new, in demand services, MORE of what you are asking for.