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The Attraction Factor

Calling All Single Women Who Are Ready to Meet Mr. Right in 2016…

“The Attraction Factor


Was one of your New Years Resolutions to meet the man of your dreams?

Are you ready for your search for The One to be Done?

Deep down, do you worry that your faith is driving men away?

I understand. I’ve been in your shoes.
And so have the incredible single women I work with.


My name is Sandra James. As a SingleLife™ Strategist for Women who are ready to STOP feeling stuck & START living life to their fullest, I am on a mission to show women just like you how to stop waiting for Mr. Right to miraculously show up on your doorstep and instead become Mrs. Right.

                             (When you do this valuable work, you magnetize faith based men!)

If You’re Like My Spiritually Minded Single Women Clients, You:

bullet-pointFeel hopeless about your own abilities to attract a man who will align with your faith

bullet-pointFeel guilty that you don’t have MORE faith about when love will show up

bullet-pointWorry that you’re going to end up alone without love for eternity

bullet-pointBelieve that past disappointments and perceived relationship failures will be repeated

What I hear all the time:

“All the good faith based men are already taken!”

“I just don’t know how or where to meet a quality man.”

“I’d love to find someone to help me find love, but I don’t trust the thousands of so-called experts online who probably won’t understand my spiritual values.”

“I’m worried it’s too late for me. I’m no longer young/thin/pretty enough to attract Mr. Right.”

But First…
You Need to Become Mrs. Right!

Dear Single Woman of Faith,

Your season of change is coming. In fact, it’s here. Now is the perfect time to meet a quality man. No more waiting. No more delaying your blessings by losing faith or focus.

God created you to be an original. Just like he created your ideal partner to be an original.

The sooner you celebrate all that makes YOU unique – and stop waiting on the sidelines for Mr. Right to miraculously show up on your doorstep – the sooner you fully become the woman I call Mrs. Right.

Mrs. Right is simply a woman in full expression of her faith, her confidence, her value, her wisdom, her truth.

She is a woman who has cultivated courage, resilience, and gratitude for her life as it is right now – AND she possesses the powerful clarity about who Mr. Right is and how to attract him.

Mrs. Right knows that God wants her to enjoy a beautiful loving relationship with a quality man.

Her heart is healthy and open. There is plenty of space for Mr. Right to come in.

By becoming Mrs. Right, you stop putting your life on hold while you wait for the man of your destiny.

And you set the space for quality men – and ultimately THE quality man of your destiny – to show up.

If you’re reading this right now and feeling more hopeless than hopeful, I understand.

Take a moment. Recharge your faith.

What I am about to tell you will forever change the trajectory of how you meet the man of your destiny.

You cannot meet Mr. Right until you become Mrs. Right.

Without doing this important internal work, you will NOT experience the external results you want.

But Sandra, I feel like I’ve already done all the work necessary to meet Mr. Right and he’s still not here…

You may believe that. And you’re entitled to your opinion.

But as a Singles Strategist and Success Mentor for Women, I know this to be true…

 If Mr. Right has not shown up yet, there’s still some work to do.

This isn’t bad news. The power is within your hands. Let’s do this work together.

Your turning point is steps away – if and when you commit to becoming Mrs. Right.

There will never be an easier or better time to shift out of STUCK and into success as a single woman ready to become Mrs. Right so she can meet Mr. Right.

“The Attraction Factor”

Here are the outcomes I want you to be enjoying after successfully completing my program “The Attraction Factor”

You will possess the confidence, courage, and clarity of Mrs. Right

You will know exactly what it takes to attract a spiritual single and emotionally available man

You will have healed any remaining pain from your past and have an open and available heart

You will know exactly how to speak your mind and communicate with grace – eliminating misunderstandings with men for good

You will be free of the blind spots that used to block you from meeting quality men

You will release any and all needs to compare yourself with others and instead live in a perpetual state of self acceptance and love

You will value your relationship with your body, no longer feeding or fueling it with unhealthy, negative toxins

Your “Picker” to find a good man will work properly

You will know how to date without getting distracted or wasting time with Mr. Wrong

You will have what it takes to transform healthy dating into a marriage minded relationship

You will experience more appreciation and compliments from men – and love it!

these-results Give me 6 weeks and I’ll give you the tools,
techniques, and transformations you need to
release any emotional or spiritual baggage,
become Mrs. Right, and meet Mr. Right!

Here’s a week by week overview of my program “The Attraction Factor”


Factor 1: Cultivating The Mindset of Mrs. Right

In Week 1, we’ll take a look at how you show up in the world. We’ll get clear about the negative, defeating self talk you engage in, as well as cultivate healthy new habits and self talk that will ignite your confidence, clarity, and communication style. Without this first important step, you won’t know what’s really keeping you stuck or shut down when it comes to attracting a faith based man.


Factor 2: Build Your Mrs. Right Toolkit

In Week 2, you’ll learn what areas of your life are keeping love out of reach. From financial irresponsibility to having a healthy support system to practicing mindful self care, you will shift out of unhealthy habits and patterns and cultivate powerful new success strategies.


Factor 3: Rebuild Your Dream Life

In Week 3, you’ll identify where you’ve been putting your life on hold while waiting for Mr. Right. You’ll re-envision what success, happiness, and a healthy relationship look and feel like – and create a living vision for your thriving future that excites you. In the process, you’ll let go of old dreams that have died and discover new dreams that allow you to love your life.


Factor 4: Sharpen Your Successfully Single Skills

In Week 4, you learn the important differences between living a single life on autopilot and on the sidelines and one that is fully awakened, alive, and thriving. This process fully activates your role as Mrs. Right, releases destructive patterns and habits, and puts you in the drivers seat of your life and romantic future.  


Factor 5: The Dos & Don’t s of Dating

Now that you’re embodying your role as Mrs. Right, it’s time to master the art of spiritually minded dating. In Week 5, you cultivate the skill set necessary to seek out, spot, and successfully attract quality men. You also learn to quickly identify red flags when dating so you can cut down on wasted time with Mr. Wrong and clear the path to Mr. Right.


Factor 6: Activating The Greatness That Lies Within

In Week 6, you get back to God. By honoring your spirituality, you own your uniqueness and allow yourself to feel like the catch you really are. You’ll also create new spiritual practices that open up more heart space for Mr. Right.


As you can see, my program “The  Attraction Factor” is comprehensive – and uniquely created for the Single Woman of Faith.


You can participate from the comfort of your own home!

For the first time ever, I’m offering my program in an online setting.

All you need is a phone. I’ll give you a conference line and passcode, the dates and times of the classes, and I’ll even send you email weekly reminders.

Are you ready to experience "The Attraction Factor"?

Next Class starts March 7, 2016!

Our weekly 60 minute coaching calls are at 8pm Eastern every Tuesday for 6 weeks.

Program Bonuses
In addition to the weekly coaching calls, you will also receive the following program bonuses valued at $500:

1.   Weekly “The Attraction Factor” exercises to keep you on track

2.   Recordings of all calls – emailed to you following each week’s call

3.   Access to a private Facebook group for ongoing accountability and support

4.   30 minutes private session to be used for prayer or coaching with Sandra

In total, the value of this program and all of the bonuses total over $1,000.

Ready To Join Sandra’s Program?

Next Group starts June 23, 2016

One Time Payment of $197